We’ve asked local people about their use of public transport and learned that existing services do not take them where they want to go, or provide easy travel within the 2168 area. The most disadvantaged rely on public transport yet routes are indirect and time-consuming, lack of shelter at bus stops, and there are safety concerns, especially after dark.

We propose to establish a community-operated local transportation service, generating employment and training opportunities, whilst connecting areas within 2168 and the neighbouring postcode area (2171) bringing greater access for local people to services, local businesses, employment, and opportunities to socialise beyond walking distance.

This is the single most radical transformation we can offer Miller and Green Valley – it expands the possible life-worlds of local people immediately because they can travel farther, more quickly and securely than bicycle or foot allows. We aim to make this way of traveling feel so good, be so reliable and responsive to the way local people want to move, that everyone will seek it out. Feel good, community controlled transport! People will use it.

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