As part of The Motion Room Artists in Residency program, artist Katie Green worked with local women to produce 2168 SHORTS, a program of short films that show 2168 through their eyes.

If you would like to make a film with us, get in touch with us at or drop in to see us.

The films will be screened at a community BBQ later this month (April 2015), with a date to be announced very shortly.

Rosheen is an Aboriginal woman who grew up in this area, left in her late teens and eventually returned to live. In this 2168 SHORTS film, she reflects on her early local experience as a child, where the community were either white Australians or Aboriginal Australians.

The gradual increase of migrants from other parts of the world, mostly Italians and Greeks initially, saw a new target for racism: they were uniformly called ‘wogs’.

Rosheen remembers the role of laneways in everyday life, before they became ‘problematic’.

“I don’t remember a lot of people having cars and laneways were the way to the shop, they were the way to Miller shops, basically, or the way to a friend’s house, so they connected you to one house or street to another”.

Watch the Rosheen 2168 SHORT

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