The Motion Room collaboration works to:

  1. Generate reasons for residents of Community 2168 to interact with one another.
  1. Develop, start and support community-led initiatives and local enterprises that:
    • Solve a local challenge
    • Train and employ local people and increase access to other chances for training and employment
    • Increase local people’s capacity to make decisions together.

We are beginning these processes with initiatives to:

  • Grow fresh food
  • Unlock affordable local transportation options within the 2168 Postcode Area;
  • Increase affordable access to the internet; and
  • Enact local people’s vision for public spaces in 2168.
  1. Explore the quality of public spaces and “the commons” in 2168, including the digital commons;
  1. Design, build and manage shared mobile infrastructure to improve the quality of and experience in public spaces; and
  1. Strengthen the ability of local people in Community 2168 to collectively govern and innovate for the benefit of the whole community.
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