Jane Stratton

(Think+DO Tank Foundation): Leads The Motion Room project and its backbone organisation, the Think+DO Tank Foundation Jane holds First Class Honours degrees in Politics and Law (ANU, National Undergraduate Scholar) and a Masters of Law (New York University; International Human Rights Fellow). She has worked as a public policy advocate, human rights activist and educator for diverse organisations including the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, Human Rights Watch, Australian Human Rights Commission, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Thailand), International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Diplomacy Training Program and the University of New South Wales. She is the author of community guides to human rights and international law (State Library of NSW). Her purpose is to work with local communities to strengthen their capacity to address their own everyday challenges and to understand the deeper drivers of those challenges. She does this through the arts, leading projects that marry high calibre artistic practice with strong social policy analysis and community development principles. Jane believes that participation in the arts can create the conditions for individual and collective transformation. In 2013, Jane began to produce large-scale public arts projects independently (Against the Tide: A Highway West and The Motion Room).

Nikki Tighe, Manager, Liverpool Women's Resource Centre

Lending her extensive community services expertise to The Motion Room, Nikki helps to ensure that we engage with local people well and that our work builds local people’s capacities in ways that matter to them. Nikki has worked throughout her career in the service of marginalised and disadvantaged groups. She currently manages the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre in Green Valley where she she leads a team, brokers community partnerships, supports marginalised women who are clients, and develops programs.

Rosheen Saunders, Community Development Worker, Liverpool Women's Resource Centre

Rosheen is a long term local of 2168. She first began accessing the LWRC as a program participant in the Aboriginal women’s collective, Sistas for Sistas, before being employed as the Centre’s Community Development Worker in 2013. Rosheen’s connection to the community, its history and its people is an invaluable asset to The Motion Room. Rosheen has a passion for equality, the quality of life in the community and to create beautiful and welcoming spaces for local people. She regularly delivers workshops empowering women and encouraging them to have a voice, and to take advantage of their rights.

Afaf Al-Shammari, Community Development Worker, Think+DO Tank Foundation, The Motion Room

Afaf is a local resident of the 2168 Area. She was born in Kuwait and came to Australia with her family almost 20 years ago. She was training as an educator before leaving her country. Since arriving here, she has attained English and graduated from Western Sydney University as a provisional psychologist. She is now training to be registered and is committed to working with migrant and refugee communities in Australia to make their transition into Australian life more manageable. Afaf joins our team as a community development worker to promote participation in The Motion Room amongst newly arrived and Arabic speaking communities in the 2168 area.

Afaf’s position is funded with the support of Multicultural NSW.

Benjamin Issam Chahola, Health Promotion Service, South Western Sydney Local Health District

Benjamin is currently working as Health Promotion Worker with South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) and is involved in a  number of Food Security programs with newly arrived refugee communities in Fairfield, Bankstown and Liverpool areas. In 1985 Benjamin completed his bachelor degree in (Art in Education) from the Academy of Fine Art in Baghdad, Iraq.  In 2001 he completed a Graduate Diploma and Masters in Communication in Sydney. From 1991 – 1992 Benjamin worked as the Humanitarian Response Program Coordinator with UNHCR in refugee camps in Turkey (Kengal, Siwas and Qaysary), where more than 90,000 Iraqi refugees were placed.  During that time, Benjamin was responsible for the establishment of 3 primary school and 2 clinics as well as a clinic for new born children.

Benjamin arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1992. He started his career in Australia as a youth education worker with Fairfield Community Resource Centre in 1994 and since then he worked as a youth worker, youth health worker and health promotion worker in NSW and Tasmania.

Emily Mason, Mental Health Promotion Officer, Mental Health Service, South Western Sydney Local Health District

Emily’s role as Mental Health Promotion Officer in SWSLHD focuses on increasing mental health literacy, building resilience and reducing stigma. Emily is passionate about evolving the way that people look at mental health, incorporating a more holistic approach to engaging people in safe and supportive environments, and hopes that her skills are able to help the local community on their journey to social and emotional wellbeing.

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