We have asked people in 2168 about their access to healthy and affordable food. We have learned that there remain barriers to local people to having good food including affordability, access to shops and quality of produce available to them.

The Motion Room will facilitate shared food production in unused public spaces in the 2168 Area and on balconies and gardens throughout the postcode. Coupled with our proposed deployment of a mobile commercial kitchen; construction of public oven; and program of skills training, we propose to transform Miller from a place avoided by other people in 2168 Area, into the place to go after work and at the weekend for tasty pizza; Lebanese man’oush; and takeaway meals that reflect the diversity of Miller.

The Population Health Service, NSW Health estimates that people in 2168 experience food insecurity at rates between 23%–70%. Amongst refugee populations it is even higher. By comparison, on average, Australians experience food insecurity at a rate of around 5%.

Clearly, strategies to increase food security are urgently required. The Salvation Army runs a Food for Life supermarket in Miller. What more can be done? The Health Promotion Service (NSW Health) together with The Motion Room is supporting the growth of community kitchens with an Aboriginal men’s group, a youth group and in partnership with the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre’s Sisters for Sisters Aboriginal women’s group.

These initiatives will create local pride in Miller and Ashcroft; increase social connections within Miller and Ashcroft, & between local communities in the 2168 Postcode Area; create revenuejobs/employability; promote healthy food preparation skills; create opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation and increase local food security.

Ultimately, we envisage a retail outlet and catering business offering nutritious ready-to-eat meals from fresh food grown and prepared by local people in Miller.

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