There is an urgent risk of losing a cohort in our society because they are excluded from the digital upswing in the economy. Expanding connectivity to the internet via wireless and mobile technologies is of critical importance in disadvantaged communities such as 2168.

These technologies provide fast, individualised, responsive ways to enable disadvantaged people to leapfrog into society as equal participants regardless of their physical location or mobility.

Mobile technology is at a tipping point. We feel that there is an urgency in finding ways to bring everyone in society to come for the ride.

The Motion Room is planning DIGITAL FUTURES 2168, an investigation and intervention into the wireless connectivity needs in Postcode 2168. We already know that only one in four homes have fixed internet access in 2168. The Motion Room will show how increased internet connectivity can improve local well-being and economic opportunity, and deliver at least one low-cost demonstration project to show how possible it is to increase the availability of affordable internet to local people at low cost.

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