As part of The Motion Room Artists in Residency program, artist Katie Green worked with local women to produce 2168 SHORTS, a program of short films that show 2168 through their eyes.

If you would like to make a film with us, get in touch with us at or drop in to see us.

Alison has lived all her life in 2168 and is passionate about local history. She remembers its earlier street-level village feeling, the local pool and milk bar and Green Valley motorway, all way before housing developments and Westfield. She’s also committed to her study in Community Services, especially catering to women. She has a daughter that she hopes will enjoy her life in the area as much as she has.

“Liverpool has changed so much. Back in the day there was no Westfield, there was just a small shopping complex. But now it’s like huge, and it’s more social. People look forward to coming into Liverpool, doing their shopping.”

“I love where I live. It’s home for me, and it takes me back to my childhood. There’s a saying: ‘you can take the girl out of the valley but you can’t take the valley out of the girl’.

Watch the Alison 2168 SHORT

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