As part of The Motion Room Artists in Residency program, artist Katie Green worked with local women to produce 2168 SHORTS, a program of short films that show 2168 through their eyes.

If you would like to make a film with us, get in touch with us at or drop in to see us.

The films will be screened at a community BBQ later this month (April 2015), with a date to be announced very shortly.

Aia lives in 2168 and is the mother of six children. Born and raised in Samoa, she loves this area and its people, and is passionate about food and cooking. She sees great riches in the multi-ethnicity, personal space and local art of Miller, and is surprised about the misconception that Miller is a bad place.

She really admires the Aboriginal people of Miller and feels welcomed by their regular gathering at “The Wall” in Miller Square. She says, “People used to sit and they’re just enjoying their sitting; they’re relaxing and watching people walk by.”

Recently The Wall was demolished, but the Aboriginal people are still gathering in Miller Square.

Watch the Aia 2168 SHORT

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