As part of The Motion Room Artists in Residency program, artist Katie Green worked with local women to produce 2168 SHORTS, a program of short films that show 2168 through their eyes.

If you would like to make a film with us, get in touch with us at or drop in to see us.

The films will be screened at a community BBQ later this month (April 2015), with a date to be announced very shortly.

Afaf, originally from Saudi Arabia, is quite new to the 2168 area. After fifteen years raising five children, she has gone back to finishing her Bachelor in Psychology.

She had been alerted to the stigma of 2168 as a place to live and raise children but has not found the stereotypes to be more valid than the other space or places she’s experienced.

“Tell me a story about any culture,” she says. “Is it true? Because 99% of the time it’s not true.”

Afaf is mindful of the need for people to connect. “We came from different parts of the world so we need to meet and talk and find out our challenges, our problems, and try together to solve it, because each culture alone, we can’t do that”.

Watch the Afaf 2168 SHORT

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