The Motion Room has commissioned these four Artists in Residence from February to June 2015:

Katie-imageCropKatie Green (February to April 2015) – 2168 SHORTS, a series of short films reflecting local points of view (see STORIES) and working with local women to examine hard-hitting themes about what their local neighbourhood, the 2168 postcode, means to them, the changes they’ve seen and those they want to see.

She has a BA (Hons) in Performance Studies/Indigenous Studies at UNSW, Cert III in Entertainment Industry Studies, TAFE and is currently completing a post-graduate law degree. As a performer, Katie’s current arts practice is focused on collaborative works with marginalised Sydney communities. She has a long history working in social and community development roles.

PROVINCE-copyPROVINCE Studio (April to May 2015). PROVINCE Studio is the collaboration between Laura Pike and Anne-Louise Dadak. Working to bring colour and shape to the territory that lies between design and art, Province navigates a niche that crosses spatial and site-specific design, large-scale public work and finely detailed visual identity and creative direction. Province has worked with the City of Sydney, Sydney Festival, Underbelly Arts and alongside a catalogue of creative institutions and collaborators. For The Motion Room, Province is developing a visual language for the local residents to shape and reflect their own idealized vision of public space http://provincestudio.com.au/
MonicaKumarPicSmallMonica Kumar (April to May 2015) – performance residency to connect disconnected parts of the 2168 community. Monica Kumar is a local young woman with a strong interest in the arts and production. She is bi-lingual in Hindi, one of the five community languages in the area. She graduated with a degree in Arts/Communications (Theatre/Media) from the well respected Charles Sturt University in 2013. She has a VET Certificate in Screen and Media (Sound) from the Miller TAFE and a range of media and post-production skills learned in newsrooms, theatre productions and events. Monica performs as part of the Powerhouse Youth Theatre Ensemble.
Portret-JoeyrJoey Rulgrok van der Werven (May to June 2015) – construction in and for public spaces in 2168. Joey Ruigrok van der Werven (Co-design & Construction) is a celebrated freelance designer and director for visual, physical and spectacle theatre. The worlds he creates are a mix of performance, structures, lights, sounds, machinery and sensory elements. He writes story with his designs and his work can express real meaning and poetry through the animation of the material. His work for The Motion Room, involving the local communities, will bring a very hands-on approach to transforming public spaces. He will respond to what local people can imagine, and set their imaginations alight with his work. He will develop mobile infrastructure such as mobile ovens; all terrain shopping carts; and eventually a mobile community centre that reflects ideal public space, “The Motion Room”.
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